My Florentine Adventure



I’m pretty sure that everybody dreams of vacationing in Italy. There are so many things to see. Additionally, it is almost too easy to succumb to the charming nature of the people and their culture in this glorious country.

I recently took a trip to Italy and decided that this time (I had been there several times before), I would focus on the lovely region of Tuscany. I had seen pictures on the internet and admittedly was a little bit incredulous. I didn’t believe that there was a place in the world that could be that pretty (but then again, I grew up in Iowa, so what do I know).

To Florence!

I decided to take a gamble and stay in Florence as my home base. For those of you who don’t know, Florence is the capital of the region of Tuscany.

Food and wine

Here in Florence, I was in for a real treat. I had not even been to this region before, and here I was in the middle of it, enjoying all that Tuscany had to offer. One of the things that I notice right away was how good the local wines were. I found out later that Tuscany is one of the best wine producing regions of Italy. If you are into drinking Chianti, then Florence is definitely the place for you. I also feasted on a table full of incredible Italian dishes that were special to the region of Tuscany.

Needless to say, I was extremely impressed and am excited to return to that place!

Buying Property in Europe



Some of you have worked for a long time and have done very well for yourselves from a financial standpoint. We certainly congratulate you for your achievements. While there are many things to spend your money on to enjoy the fruits of your labor, we know some things last longer than others. It is tempting to buy toys and cars and such, but we know that it is an investment (and a very wise one) to spend your money on land. In some ways, buying and owning land is like owning stock. You will be able to make money on this land once the prices fluctuates and increases. This will allow you to increase your investment, which is always a good thing.

When it comes to buying land, many prospective owners do not know where to start looking. We don’t blame them! There are so many regions in the United States which you can explore. While these lands in the States are all well and good, we think that you could experience a broadening of the mind by living and working abroad. This is one of ┬áthe very many reasons why buying land in Europe is an awesome idea.


What you should know

There are several things that you should keep in mind when you are over there in Europe, you will realize that the taxes are might higher. This is because the governments of those countries in Europe prefer to run their countries through a different economic format. It would be good to learn from them!




Everybody knows that Europe is known for its beautiful rolling countryside. I can personally attest to this. When I was living in Europe last summer, I took a bus trip from Paris to Copenhagen. It was almost twenty four full hours of traveling, but I loved every bit of it. Throughout all of the European countries that I passed through (France, Belgium, Netherlands, Germany, Denmark), I was in awe at the tranquility and beauty of what was outside of my window.

Much of western and northern Europe is incredibly picturesque, but it may be no match for some of the Mediterranean countries in Europe. These countries truly exemplify the notion of the Old World in everything that you see. While there are definitely plenty of places to stop and snap your camera, there is a region in particular that will surely take your breath away. That region is Tuscany. Nestled in central Italy along the Mediterranean coast, Tuscany boasts some insanely gorgeous countryside as well as other goods that tourists are bound to love. Read on for more details!

Under the Tuscan sun


Tuscany is home to postcard views in every direction. We’ve already covered that, but did you also know that Tuscany is one of the biggest wine producing regions in Italy? For miles and miles you will be able to see vineyards growing luscious grapes for exquisite wines such as Chianti. Many people take advantage of their visit to this region to go on a nice wine tour and sample the goods of the earth.

Music Festival in Italy



For those who are traveling around in Italy, you may be in for a treat this summer. If you live in the United States, you know that the summer affords for the advent of music festivals. These large multi day events host thousands and thousands of music lovers across the country. If you love the music festival scene and are looking to have the same experience while traveling in Europe (and specifically Italy), then you are in luck. The summer in Italy also features many music festivals all around the country. If your interest is piqued, then read on down below for more details!

Enjoying Music in Italy


There are several different kinds of festivals that you can find in Italy. For example, if you are into smaller, more community oriented festivals, then you can look on the websites of cities or small towns. They will usually post what kinds of festivals and fairs are happening this upcoming summer.

If you want the big music festival experience, then you should look on music festival aggregate website to see if those are available where you are staying. You may have to travel a little bit to find these festivals, but trust us, they are definitely well worth your time. The other remarkable thing about the larger music festivals in Italy is that they feature both American and Italian artists. This is good for music lovers because it exposes them to popular music that exists in other cultures.

Here’s to an Italian summer full of music!



If you are a Winter Olympics fan, then you are definitely familiar with the Alps. This mountain range falls right in the heart of western Europe. It straddles several countries, such as Italy, France, Switzerland, and Germany. The Alps offer an incredible amount of activities. For example, in the winter, many people choose to go skiing or snowboarding. For those who choose to keep both feet planted on the ground, snowshoeing and mountain climbing are also very popular. In the summer, Europeans flock to the Alps to go hiking and biking.

The Alps have been home to many of the Winter Olympics. One particularly notable session of the winter games happened in a small city in northern Italy called Turin (or Torino). This beautiful city has much to offer for those who are looking for that perfect Italian getaway. Below, we have included some great sights for you to see when you visit Turin. Keep reading for more information.

Italian Paradise

Visiting Turin

One of the things that you definitely cannot miss when visiting Turin is the winding and small streets. There is a plethora of quaint alleys that are almost too romantically picturesque.

Another great sight to see is the riviera at night. Around midnight, all of the young people of Turin come out to party by the riviera. This is where Turin’s nightlife really comes alive. If you walk up and down the banks of the river, you’ll be able to see many a night club and even live music from time to time.

Property in Lake Como



Don’t be afraid to be creative. Use your imagination. This is a dreaming and envisioning exercise. Are you ready? Let’s go.

Imagine living in Europe. What would be your European paradise? Eating delicious and exquisite food? Taking a nice drive through some old, crooked, and historic streets? Maybe going for a swim in some nice lake or by the sea?

If you desire any of these things, then it may be time to look into getting property in Europe. There are obviously many things to consider when buying property in Europe. However, we’ve taken some guesswork out of your day in order to help you expedite the process. Today, we are going to talk about one of the nicest places that you can think of living…ever. Keep reading to find out more!

Life by the water

Lake Como

If you’ve seen the movie Ocean’s Twelve, think of the great scene where George Clooney talks to the French thief. He has a beautiful villa on the water in the middle of Italy. You might ask yourself what lake that is. You’ve come to the right place, because we are here to tell you that that lake is none other than Lake Como.

Nestled right in Italy, Lake Como offers the best of everything. For boating enthusiasts, the lake has enough surface area in order for you to spend all day out on your boat. If you want to have a nice house with an amazing view, Lake Como has got you covered.